DIY PROJECT: Lemon Drop Gift Set

2020 inspired me to create and entire collection of cocktail-themed projects/gifts. "Lemon Drop" is just one of the many varieties concocted for the 2020 Holiday Crafts Essential Oil Class. #Because2020

I've got to be honest with you, 2021 wasn't much better, and 2022 isn't looking too hot either. Instead of day-drinking every day, this luscious whipped body butter (that actually stays soft!), lip balm, and roller to keep you going until five o'clock.

Mimosa Gift Set
Paloma Gift Set
Margarita Gift Set

These recipes, like all my recipes, are spot-on. Plain lemon essential oil does not a Lemon Drop make, my friend. Nor does just Orange make Mimosa. Oh no. I made batch after batch and tweaked the recipes so they would be just right for you.

My favorite thing about this project is that you can mix and match! You could make a Lemon Drop themed gift, or switch it up and make every cocktail flavor of lip balm, whipped body butter, salt scrub (coming soon) or rollers instead. The possibilities are endless!

The printables for this project are available for purchase in our shop. Thank you for supporting my small business in this way. Your purchases help me offset the cost of concocting new recipes. I appreciate you!

 Lemon Drop gift set essential oil project with recipes and printables

Are you ready to get crafty with you essential oils? All of the recipes for this project can be found below. Bookmark or pin this post for easy reference! 

Lemon Drop Lip Balm
Lemon Drop Whipped Body Butter
Lemon Drop Salt Scrub (Coming soon)
Lemon Drop Roller

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Happy Crafting!