DIY PROJECT: Love in a Jar

Raise your hand if you love Lucy Libido! If you have never heard of this brilliant and hilarious woman, you are missing out. Lucy is the expert on sexy-time essential oil usage, as well as using essential oils to support your hormones. She is AH-MAZING.

Without her, we would never have known the wonders of Idaho Blue Spruce. You can purchase her book, "Lucy Libido says, There's an Oil For THAT!" and/or join her Facebook group for recipes to use with my "Love Potion" printables.

Love in A Jar - Valentine's Day Lucy Libido DIY Project

If your significant other is still on the fence about essential oils, whip up some of these beauties. My Lucy Libido "craft" night last year made many husbands true believers.

BEVERAGE/DESSERT SUGGESTION: I served chocolate, of course, along with Ménage à Trois and Boom Boom wine. I crack myself up.

Oily concoctions aside, these are the supplies I used for my "Love in a Jar" Make and Take:

10ml Glass Roller Bottles
5ml Glass Roller Bottles 
1oz Glass Pump Bottle
3ml Jar that hold one Perky Pellet
16oz Glass Jars or these Black Satin Bags

A few years ago, I made literally every single Lucy Libido recipe with my friends. It was so fun but honestly, a little bit overwhelming. (Although my husband did tell me afterward that I could buy whatever oils I wanted from now on. LOL!)

This year, I scaled down to my favorite three recipes: Tarzan Man (rawr!), Juicy, and Soldier Serum. You're welcome.

Our "Love in a Jar" Collection (available in white and black) includes the labels I created for my event with generic names so you can make whichever Lucy Libido recipes you like best. All of our printable labels are formatted to be printed on Avery labels or (my preference) have Avery print them for you! They do a phenomenal job.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! We are currently offering printed sticker sheets for our "Love in a Jar" project in matte black. We don't typically offer printed versions of our designs. Once they are gone, they are gone! Grab them while you can!

Have fun, you sexy thang.