Life is filled with excitement and joy, but sometimes all of that excitement can turn your little one into a Prince Hans, if you know what I mean. Apply this “Let It Go” roller to their neck and wrists like perfume, and they will be as happy as Olaf in no time.

This "Let It Go" roller is just one project of our Frozen-Inspired "Ice Princess" gift set. You can view the complete essential oil DIY project by clicking on the link above and you will find the individual recipes at the bottom of this post.  

Are you ready to get crafty? Let's do this!

The gorgeous silver shimmer that makes this roller extra fancy is ocean-safe, biodegradable micro glitter from Wonderland Body Art. I love supporting small businesses that are doing good in the world!
• Add the essential oil to your roller.
• Add a pinch of silver glitter.
• Top off with your carrier oil of choice.
(I recommend Fractionated Coconut Oil for this recipe because it is clear and shows off the sparkles.)
"Let It Grow" Hair Spray
Shimmering Body Mist
Tinted Wintermint Lip Shimmer
Sparkling Snowballs (Bath Bombs)

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