RECIPE: Shimmery Body Mist

Life can be overwhelming at every age. Stress Away + Sparkles help make that better. Give this shimmery bottle a shake and mist your cares away.

Shimmery Body Mist is just one recipe from our Frozen-Inspired "Ice Princess" gift set. You can view the complete essential oil DIY project by clicking on the link above and you will find the individual recipes at the bottom of this post. 

Are you ready to get crafty? Let's do this! 

The gorgeous silver shimmer that makes this spray extra fancy is ocean-safe, biodegradable micro glitter from Wonderland Body Art. I love supporting small businesses that are doing good in the world!
Ice Princess Printable Labels
3 tsp Vegetable Glycerin
Biodegradable Silver Micro Glitter
Distilled or Filtered Water
* 24 drops of Polysorbate 20
* 1/8 tsp Optiphen (1%)
15 drops of Stress Away
Alternate Recipe: Omit the Stress Away and add 1/8 tsp Vanilla Extract + 1 drop of Peppermint. The Vanilla Mint coordinates with the lip balm, but it can be a hot oil. Do not use more than one drop. It really depends on the sensitivity of your little lady.

Note: The glycerin prevents the spray from clouding up and prevents the glitter from clumping in the bottle.
• Combine the essential oils, Glycerine, Polysorbate 20, and Optiphen.
• Add a pinch of silver micro glitter.
• Swirl to combine.
• Top off with distilled or purified water.


I’m sure you have seen hundreds of recipes online that tell you to add essential oils to witch hazel (or water), shake, and then spray. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how vigorously you shake the bottle, witch hazel and water do not dilute the essential oils.

Are you clutching your pearls right now?

Trust me, I felt the same way when I first learned about this. Don't take my word for it. You can read more about the science behind proper dilution here.

Long story short, you need to add something to your sprays to disperse and dilute your essential oils. You do not want to be spraying tiny droplets of undiluted essential oils on your body.

Enter Polysorbate 20. Add a few drops and you are good to go! Some people get nervous about adding Polysorbate 20 to their recipes, so here is a handy link to the safety information on EWG. You are the gatekeeper of your home, and I leave the decision up to you. Personally, with a 1-3 rating, I don't mind using it in recipes once in a while to help disperse the essential oils.

Moving on to Optiphen Plus. If you are going to have your hair mist for more than a week, you should consider adding a broad spectrum preservative like Optiphen Plus. Yes, many essential oils have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. However, that does not mean bacteria won’t grow in your wonderful DIY concoctions. You don't want to be spraying bacteria all over your body. Gross.

Again, when I first learned about this my germaphobe self freaked out. I'm not going to lie.

If you don't like the idea of adding a preservative to your spray, you can always make a cutie 1oz. spray bottle that will get used up more quickly.

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