RECIPE: Stink-Be-Gone

This Stink-Be-Gone "recipe" provides targeted odor control.

Put a few drops of Purification on a cotton ball and strategically place them where needed (the garbage can, stinky shoes, the bottom of the diaper pail, etc.) If you are giving this as a gift, put the Purification in a little dram and include it inside the mason jar.

"Squeaky Clean" Printables
Large Cotton Balls
4oz. Mason Jar
Dram (if gifting)

12 drops of Purification

• Place 6 jumbo cotton balls inside the mason jar
•  Add 12 drops of Purification to the cotton balls, or include a dram of Purification if you are gifting this to someone. 
• Attach the “Stink-Be-Gone” label to the lid.

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