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Complete "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa Printable Label Collection

Save 35% by purchasing the complete collection instead of each label a la carte!

Are you looking for a quick and easy holiday gift? Look no further! These fun and whimsical "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa printable labels can be mixed and match to create all kinds of holiday gifts... roller labels, body butter, salt scrub, room sprays, diffuser bombs... you name it, you can use these labels for them!

You can purchase each of these labels a la carte if you only want to make one project.

• 2 Individual Santa roller labels (10ml)
• 2 Full-sheets of Santa roller labels (PDF)
• 2 Individual Santa circle labels (2.5")
• 2 Full-sheet of Santa circle labels (PDF)
• 1 Individual Santa jar label (2")
• Full-sheet of Santa jar labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of Santa gift tags (PDF)
• 3 Individual Santa circle labels (2")
• 1 Individual "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa lip balm label
• Full-sheet of "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa lip balm labels (PDF)
• 1 Individual "Ho Ho Ho!" Santa labels (2")
• Full-sheet of Santa square labels (PDF)

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This is just one of the recipes from my yearly Elf-themed Holiday Crafts Essential Oil Class. Be sure to join the fun in the Facebook group if you haven't already! (It's hoppin' during the holidays, but pretty quiet the rest of the year.)