Hooray! You are now officially an Essentially Crafty VIP, which gives you access to not only me, but our amazing (exclusive) communities, resources and education.

Step 1: Bookmark the Essentially Crafty Dashboard. This is your "hub" for Essentially Crafty and Young Living info. I also post in our VIP group on Facebook but group content doesn't reliably show up in feeds and I don't want you to miss anything.


My priority is to get you connected quickly and easily + provide resources, essential oil education, and inspiration, at whatever level you are interested in.

If you haven't done so already, please complete the Essentially Crafty VIP Questionnaire. It will help me serve you better and provide content that not only interests you, but is provided in a format you prefer (text, email, video, etc.). 

Now, let's get you plugged in to our community! 

If you want to meet all the people, and join all the exclusive groups in our extended community, I can make that happen.

If you just want to use your Thieves Household Cleaner and quietly go about your life, you can keep doing your solo thing, but I want you to know what is available to you.

If you are unable to access a specific group with the link provided (some are private) shoot me a message and I will get you added.

Welcome to THE BEST Oily Community!

Your new essential oil journey is like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

• Do you want to go solo and keep to yourself?

• Do you want to make every single Essentially Crafty DIY recipe? If so, I am here for it. #LetsMakeAllTheCrafts

• Do you want to go ALL IN and build a life of financial freedom? I will link arms and run with you. I would love to have another essential oil BFF who is as excited as I am.

• Are you somewhere in between all those?

Every answer is a good answer and you can change your mind any time.

My hope is that you join at least one of the larger exclusive communities in our upline (more on that in a moment). The communities you have access to as an Essentially Crafty VIP are filled with kind, knowledgable, and helpful people, who love natural wellness. I have met some of my best friends in these groups, and you could too!

Let me give you a brief explanation of our uplines and their exclusive groups.

I, Maegan Birr, am your enroller (or I enrolled the person who enrolled you). Our team is called Essentially Crafty, and you are an Essentially Crafty VIP.

Emily Piper is my enroller. She is my direct upline.

Rinse and repeat. We all lead to Madison Vining, founder of The Happy Oilers. Below is our "family tree" if you will. It actually goes higher, but let's stop there for now.

Maegan Birr (Executive)
Essentially Crafty Community

Emily Piper

Ronni Gehron
Team Twisted Community

Chelsea Little
Immortal Oilers Community

Chelsea Morgan Humpheys 
The Collaboration of Oily People (CoOP) Community

Kari Rae Lewis
(Royal Crown Diamond)
The Refinery Community

Madison Vining
(Royal Crown Diamond)
The Happy Oilers Community

Somewhere far above us is Lindsey Teague Moreno, author of "Boss Up! This Ain't Your Mama's Business Book," and creator of the "Boss Up" podcast. She is also the founder of The Lemon Droppers, one of the fastest growing teams in Young Living history.

As an Essentially Crafty VIP, you are able to join any and all of our exclusive upline groups on Facebook and Instagram. They are filled with wonderfully knowledgable, helpful, and friendly people. Our upline groups have giveaways and unique resources they will happily share with you.
Each month, I will compile a list of giveaways and happening in our upline groups and post them in our VIP group. (You will need to be a member of the upline group to qualify for their giveaways. In the past, that would have filled your feed with group posts, but that isn't the case anymore, so go crazy. Join them all!

Essentially Crafty VIP Group

Let's get you connected to all things Essentially Crafty!

1. Click here to join the Essentially Crafty VIP Group on Facebook, if you have not already been added.

2. Follow me on Instagram. I'm much more active on IG than Facebook these days.

3. Join the Elf-themed Holiday Crafts Essential Oil Class (group) too! There are over 3,000 people in that group now! I fully intend to have an Elf-themed holiday class every year, forever and ever. Keep inviting your friends to that group. Every year we will make new projects!

The Refinery

This group was created by Kari Rae Lewis (Royal Crown Diamond). The Refinery page is probably the most active of all our upline groups. Kari posts content regularly (mostly educational), and is just as sweet as an be. The Refinery also has a gorgeous photo gallery that you have access to. Follow Kari on IG here, and The Refinery on IG here.

The Refinery Photo Gallery
Password: IAMLOVED123

Click here to join The Refinery group.

Modern Oiler

This group is actually upline from The Happy Oilers, but is really active and fun! (I think the most fun, honestly.) They post a lot of great education and pretty graphics for sharing.

Modern Oiler also has a beautiful photo gallery filled with photos you can download and share.

Modern Oiler Photo Gallery
Password: MODSQUAD20!

Click here to join The Modern Oiler group.


This is technically a business building oily group, but I had no idea until I was reading the description to add here. Oops! It is filled with beautiful graphics, oily information, DIY projects.... It's a really fun group!

Click here to join the Grow group.

Other Upline Groups

These upline groups are not quite as active as the others, but have giveaways and resources you would like. Click on the group name to join.

Immortal Oilers
This group was created by Chelsea Little (Gold). This group is fairly active and full of really nice people. There are occasional giveaways.

Team Twisted
This group was created by Ronni Gehron (Gold). It is a really quiet group, but every once in a while she has giveaways. I'll keep an eye out and let you know.

Other Favorite Groups

These are Facebook groups that are open to anyone. There are so many out there, these are the ones I go back to time and time again. If you find a good one, be sure and let me know!

Not Your Average Oiler 

The Human Body and Essential Oils

Minke Wellness

The Oil Lounge

YL Make and Take Support Group


Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly subscription program. It is the key to building a wellness arsenal affordably. I was on a mission to overhaul our home and replace traditional products with clean and safe alternatives. We couldn't do it all at once, so getting on Essential Rewards made the most sense for our family. It has saved us thousands of dollars, and I have received tons of free products for our home, including many I may never have tried but fell in love with after they came as freebies. I highly recommend Essential Rewards, but it not required. You can simply be a member, enjoy your discount, and use your oils.

Quick Savings Math

Let's do some quick math. Assuming you place the minimum $50 monthly order for one year. 

You earn 10% back for the first 3 months on Essential Rewards. That comes out to $15.00 in points.

After month 4 you are at the 20% back mark. WHOO! You will receive $90.00 in points.

In short, if you place a $50 order each month, in the first year alone you will receive $105.00 in points which spend like money with Young Living.

You also receive free bonus oils at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month mark AND you can receive additional free products each month.

Now you are beginning to see why I love Essential Rewards so much!

How to Sign Up for Essential Rewards

Step 1: Log in to Young Living.

Step 2: Go to your Virtual Office.

Step 3: Select ER Monthly Orders. (left side)

Step 4: Click the "Join Now" Button

Step 5: Choose your items. (Note: there is a $50 minimum)

Step 6: Select "Save Monthly Order"

Don't forget to login each month and change your order! If not, Young Living will continue to send you the items you choose today. You could order the same things every month (no judgement here) but I like to change it up. You can also change your processing date and cancel at any time. Essential Rewards is so flexible!

How to Customize Your ER Order

You received your first order and now it's time to change up your order for next month. I'll show you how.

PRO TIP: I do this throughout the month because I'm squirrely and forget things. As soon as I notice I am running low on a product, or find a recipe I want to make, or a diffuser blend I want to try, I add the item to my next ER order.


Step 1: 
Login to Young Living.

Step 2: 
Go to your Virtual Office.

Step 3: 
Select ER Monthly Order (on the left side).

Step 4: Click "My Monthly Order."

Step 5: On the "My Monthly Order" screen you will see a grey box on the top left, and in it, two purple buttons: View Order and Change Order. Click Change Order.

Step 6: Scroll about 1/2 way down the screen and you will see your current ER order. You can click the trash can to delete items, and you can select items at the top of the screen to add.

Step 7: Once you are done, click the "Save Monthly Order" button.

Step 8: You will then see a summary of your order and a button that will take you "Back to Essential Rewards Summary." Sometimes I wait for my processing day, sometimes I want my order ASAP so I will click the "Process Today" button. It's up to you.

NOTE: Free products will magically appear in your order once you qualify for them. Each month Young Living offers freebies at the 100PV, 190PV, 250PV and 300PV level. (Visit the VIP Dashboard to see what the promos are for this month.)

How to Redeem Your Points

To redeem your points, simply place a Shop one time order.

When you reach the Payment Page of check out you will see "How Would You Like to Pay for Your Order?" on the left. 

Click the Essential Rewards Points box. Now select the products you would like to purchase with your points.


You cannot use points to pay for Essential Rewards orders because you EARN points by placing Essential Rewards orders.

You must have enough points to "buy" the item entirely. For instance, if an item is $50, you can't use 20 points and pay the difference.

 You cannot use points for new products or discounted items (like more starter kits). If an item has a little purple flag next to the price on the product page, you can redeem points to buy it. You can use points to purchase 99% of Young Living products.


Pinterest and Facebook groups make searching for answers easy. They used to be my go-to for recipes and answers. I get it. Learn from my mistakes. A lot of what you read on Pinterest is not accurate. Much of what you read in wellness groups is well intended, but again, not necessarily correct. You need to know your sources, so let's talk about my favorite educational resources!

Before we dive into educational resources, let's talk crafty resources. The Ultimate Supply List has links to all of my favorite craft and essential oil supplies. You will also find links on all the recipes posted on the Essentially Crafty blog.


Essential Oil Pocket Reference and Essential Oil Desk Reference

The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide

Lucy Libido Says... There’s an Oil for THAT

Betsy Bosom's Baby Book: A Girlfriend's Guide from Bellies to Babies

There are so many amazing books available. My absolute favorite resource is Life Science Publishing.

I look for books I want at LSP and then compare prices on Amazon. Sometimes you can get them for less on Amazon, and I love 2-day shipping.

This is just a glimpse of other books and subjects available:

Gentle Babies

Taming The Dragon Within (All about women's hormones)

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple 

The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Even Simpler

The Original Therapeutic Raindrop Technique

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Ultimate Balance Infusing the Energy of EOs

1st Edition Essential Oils Animal Desk Reference

The materials from Life Science Publishing contain info put out by third parties, and it is not FDA compliant info. I share with you here so that you know where to go and what to grab. Education is everything! But know that to remain compliant as a distributor when sharing about the oils, we can't share directly from these books/resources to the public. Also remember not to have these materials out in the same space as oils during an in-person class. Rules are rules. 

Apps You Need In Your Life


Hands down, this is my favorite new oily app and resource. It is FREE for all Young Living members too. How cool is that?!

Get started the right way with their huge library of resources like usage guides, and wellness videos—all available on their app AND website. You can even get reminders of when your favorite products come back in stock. Plus, you can create your own custom website to make sharing easy!

Visit the Life Steps website for more information and quick links to the Apple and Android versions of the app.


This is my go-to app for calculating the cost of my DIY projects. You can enter the number of drops of each oil you have used, the cost of materials, even factor in taxes!

Download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Download the app from Google Play here.


This app is basically an Essential Oils 101 Class. It walks you through the starter kit oils, what a carrier oil is, uses and benefits, recipes, and more.

Download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Download the app from Google Play here.


Have you ever wondered how many drops of essential oil to add to your rollers? This app takes the guesswork out for you! Select the oil you are using, the age of the person using it, and the bottle size. Voila!

Download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Download the app from Google Play here.


This is like an Essential Oil 201 Class + a Young Living product catalog. It is filled with tons of educational resources, recipes, product information, and more.

Download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Download the app from Google Play here.


Have you ever wondered if the cleaning and beauty products you are using are safe? Think Dirty will tell you. They rate products from 1 (safe) to 10 (extremely toxic). The website is another great resource, but having an app on your phone to quickly scan an item is very helpful. (EWG has an app as well but they never had anything I was looking up so I deleted it.)

Download the app from the Apple App Store here.

Download the app from Google Play here.


The sleazy creators of this app (Abundant Health) took Gary Young's recipes from The Essential Oil Reference Guides (Desktop and Pocket versions) available from Life Science and modified them just enough to not get sued. The recipes in this app are not the same as the printed books. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Are you ready to learn all the things?! YAY!

Head over to The VIP Dashboard to access our classes.


There are two facets to Essentially Crafty, and as a VIP you get to take advantage of both. Basically, you get to double dip, but not in the gross "dip your chip in salsa twice" kind of way. Don't do that.

The following lesson will outline the perks of being an Essentially Crafty VIP, and what you need to do in order to receive your goodies.

The Oily Perks

Full access. You will receive full access to our Essentially Crafty Community (including private groups) as well as exclusive education, classes, marketing material, training, gorgeous photos and more, from our amazing upline teams. You will not believe how friendly, kind, helpful, and inspiring our cross-line members are.

Monthly Giveaways, Incentives, and Contests
Our team, as well as our upline teams, are always having some sort of cool giveaway. One month, I gave away a diffuser to every person who hosted a craft night at their house. For a complete list of exclusive groups and resources you have access to, check out the "Get Connected" section.

Personal support. I will answer your questions, provide education, and make sure you feel empowered to create natural, long-lasting habits.

VIP support. Our team is filled with knowledgable people, all of whom have different areas of expertise. If I don't know the answer to your question, there is a good chance another VIP will.

The Crafty Perks

Early access. VIPs get a "first look" at upcoming craft classes and printables.

Input and Requests. Do you have a theme suggestion or design request? Let me know! I am always open to suggestions and ideas.

Exclusive Printable Incentives. Occasionally, I will offer Essentially Crafty printables as enrollment incentives (the Elf-themed Holiday Crafts Class, for instance). I offered PRINTED versions of the complete collection to anyone who purchased a PSK before the class began, and let the VIPs do the same.

Free Printables, Baby! You came for the oils, but you also get free printables! WHOO HOO! When I release a new printable collection, VIPs will receive a coupon code to download the collection from the Essentially Crafty shop for free.

The Fine Print
Coupon codes will only be sent to VIPs who have placed a 50PV order in the month the printable collection was released. The coupon code will expire 30 days after the email is sent.


ER: Essential Rewards, Young Living's monthly subscription box. ER is how I have stocked my wellness arsenal little-by-little. 

PV stands for Personal Volume, which is what YOU order each month. It's usually 1 dollar = 1 PV, but there are a few exceptions when the dollar amount is higher than the PV. The starter kits are one example.

OGV: OGV stands for Overall Group Volume. This includes you, and everyone below you.

Enroller: The person you got your starter kit from.

Sponsor: This is typically the same as your enroller. 

Downline: Anyone you have enrolled + anyone they have enrolled. Forever and ever, all the way down.

Upline: People above you in Young Living. The person who enrolled you is your direct upline. 

Cross-line: People who are Young Living members but not in your direct upline.


Let me be clear, you are never required to sell anything. However, I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn't share with you what is possible. For instance...

Did you know that you can earn $50 every time someone buys a premium starter kit using your referral link?

How To Share Your Referral Link
• Login to Young Living.
• Go to your Virtual Office.
• Click on Member Resources (left side).
• Now click on Link Builder.
• Copy the link in the grey box.

That is just the beginning. You can read more below. 

SHARING, not Selling.

By now you know that we are part of the Happy Oilers team. The Happy Oilers are one of the fastest growing teams Young Living has right now. Why? Our focus is on SHARING, not selling.

Sure, I have posted some pretty graphics (again, provided by our fabulous team) about specials going on, but those are few and far between. For the most part, I am simply sharing on social media about my normal life. Using essential oils is part of my daily routine so it naturally comes up in conversation. I share oily remedies and tips with friends and family because those solutions have worked for me. We all have to help each other right? It takes a village. Frankly, I'm a little annoyed I had oily friends who didn't tell me about them when Eden was a baby. Something to help her tummy, or get her to sleep through the night would have been so very appreciated. 

When you share your life in a genuine and organic way, it does not come off as sales-y. I post about all the things I love: recipes, coffee, my dog, cute clothes, my family, coffee (yes, twice), and of course - essential oils. Why wouldn't I?

You tell your friends about your new favorite restaurant or shoes. Telling your friends about essential oils you are using is no different.

It is only weird if the only time you ever post or talk about essential oils is when there is a sale... and then message every one of your Facebook friends and ask them if they want to buy a kit. Don't be that guy.

You Can Make HOW MUCH?!

Click here to view Young Living's Income Disclosure Statement. I wish I could insert the picture!


If not, here is a quick breakdown. Definitely click the link though. There is so much information!


Star: $261

Senior Star: $1,551

Executive: $3,835

Silver: $15,861

Gold: $47,253

Platinum: $117,949

Diamond: $313,866

Crown Diamond: $591,506

Royal Crown Diamond: $1,538,528

Which one would be life-changing for you? 

What would you do with a few extra hundred dollars a month?

Pay for extra curricular activities for your kids? Date night? Save for a family vacation? Pay off debt?

Day 1, you are a Distributor, and there are nine ranks between you and Royal Crown Diamond. Even if you only advanced one rank per year, you'd be making $144,000 per MONTH in only nine years' time. That is worst case scenario, one rank per year, and Happy Oilers tend to rank up much faster than that. Does your current path, outside of Young Living, have you on track to reach that?

Here is something else to think about. This is generational income. You can leave your Young Living business to your children.

Another thing to think about: You can enroll your spouse, parent, or child (over 16). Make them each a leg, stack under them and grow a business for them the same time you are building yours.

Keep reading to learn about each of the ranks and how to achieve them.

Ranks and Legs


The ranks in Young Living are: Star, Senior Star, Executive, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond.

Each month you start fresh and must re-earn your rank. You need to maintain a rank for three consecutive months to be Young Living official. For example, to qualify for the amazing all-expense-paid Silver retreat, you must maintain the rank of Silver for three months.


Star - $500 OGV

Senior Star - $2000 OGV

Executive - $4000 OGV + 2 of your legs must be at $1000 OGV

Silver - $10,000 OGV + 2 of your legs must be at $4000 OGV + $1000 PGV

I'm going to stop there for now. It keeps going all the way up to Royal Crown Diamond!


I mentioned "Legs" up above. People directly below you are your Level 1. Each of your Level 1 people (ideally) create a leg. For example, Emily is my sponsor. I am one of her legs. People below Level 1 are your Level 2, and so on. Make sense?

For someone to qualify as a leg they need to spend 100PV that month, (the same amount needed to earn commission). It is rare to have a Level 1 person who isn't a leg, but it happens.

Commissions by Rank

Below is a list of the PV and OGV needed to qualify for each rank, along with the commission you will earn at each level.

To receive a commission check, you must spend 100PV during the month. It doesn't matter if you earn $10 in commission or $100,000 in commission, the only requirement is that you spend 100PV.

Note: To receive just the $50 enrollment bonuses you only need to spend 50PV in the month you enrolled someone.

If you are a visual/auditory learner, Kari from The Refinery (one of our upline leaders) made a great video explaining the rank qualifications, and she goes higher than silver. You can watch it here.

STAR - $500 OGV

8% of Level 1 PV
5% of Level 2 PV
4% of Level 3 PV


8% of Level 1
PV5% of Level 2 PV
4% of Level 3 PV
4% of Level 4 PV

EXECUTIVE - $4000 OGV + 2 of your legs must be at $1000 OGV

8% of Level 1 PV
5% of Level 2 PV
4% of Level 3 PV
4% of Level 4 PV
4% of Level 5 PV

 - $10,000 OGV + 2 of your legs must be at $4000 OGV + $1000 PGV

Level 1-5 commissions +

Personal Generation 2.5%
(A Personal Generation is the volume of everyone in your organization in the ranks of Distributor through Executive.)

Generation 2 - 3% of their PGV
(A Generation is anyone under you who is Silver or above. The first Silver, or above, under you is considered Generation 2.)

Generation 3 - 3% of their PGV
(The next Silver, or above, directly underneath your Generation 2 is considered Generation 3.)

I am going to stop at Silver for now because HOLY COW. When someone on our team reaches Silver we will have a party and I will post more commission details. 

Growing Faster and Smarter (Stacking)

Click here to watch my video about stacking.


Stacking is the strategic placement of members, and creation of legs, within your downline. I like stacking because it keeps everything nice and tidy on the backend, and helps everyone grow as efficiently as possible. The video above outlines how I stack.


The official Young Living term is "Restructuring your downline," but Happy Oilers call it stacking. It is very easy to stack if you act fast.

You have five days after enrollment to contact Young Living customer support by phone or live chat (I'm a fan of live chat), and move your new member. Tell customer service that you would like to remain the enroller for your new member, but change their sponsor to (fill in the blank here - whoever you want to stack them under).

Example message to Young Living Live Chat:
Hello! My name is Jane Brown, member number 1234567 and my pin is 0987. I would like to restructure my downline. I'd like to remain the enroller for Lavender Fields (2345678) and change her sponsor to Peppermint Lane (3456789). 

If you miss the five day window it becomes more difficult. You will need to complete their Sponsor Change Form and have your three upline leaders sign the form. It is a huge pain.

The moral of the story:
Stack, and make sure you submit your request within the first five days.

PRO TIP: Stack under someone who is...

• Your spouse or family member
• On Essential Rewards
• Consistently ordering 100PV
• Wanting to pursue the business and lead a team


Kari from The Refinery (one of our upline leaders) made an excellent series of videos about stacking. Click the links below for even more in-depth information about strategic stacking!

Stacking 101 (What, Why, When, Where, How)

Stacking 201 (Choosing Legs and Where to Structure)

So You Want To Be Stacked Under

Stacking Example 1 (Executive)

Stacking Example 2 (Silver)

Business Tools

These are some of my favorite business resources that I have utilized over the last few years:


Project Broadcast


Life Steps (Business Plan)

Well Styled Essentials


Jordan Schrandt 

The Happy Oilers Handbook and other Resources
Password: HAPPY2018

Refinery Life Shop (by Kari of The Refinery)
Password: MM2017


Refinery Life (by Kari of The Refinery)
Password for Members Only Area is: REFINE 123

The Coop Rocks (by The Collaboration of Oily People - CoOP)
Password for our team only: #COOPROCKS


Goal Digger

Amy Porterfield

Brendon Burchard

Your Virtual Upline


Business 101

This class was created by Kari from The Refinery. If you’re getting started in the business and want to know the basics (all about ranks, comp plan, resources, etc) - enroll in this Business 101 course!! This course is more in depth than the quick "Making Money Honey" class in The VIP Lounge.

Click here to enroll in Biz 101.

NOTE: You should NEVER have to input your credit card information to access this course. If it prompts you to, that means the coupon didn't register. If you run into trouble, message Marina Capps.

Moving Mountains

This class was created by Kari from The Refinery. If you’re ready to get your business GROWING, dig deep and develop yourself and business - enroll in our proven mentorship, Moving Mountains! We’ll be going over your personal brand, social media, developing yourself and SO MUCH MORE!!!

Click here to enroll in Moving Mountains.

NOTE: You should NEVER have to input your credit card information to access this course. If it prompts you to, that means the coupon didn't register. If you run into trouble, message Marina Capps.