"Where did you get your [insert supply here]?" is the question I get asked all the time. To make things easy for you, I curated a list of my favorite supplies and products all in one handy location. (I recommend bookmarking this page.) 

You will also find recipe/project specific supply links on all my posts. This is the Big Daddy list.

Please note: This supply list contains affiliate links. You pay the same price as you would if you purchased the items directly. Thank you for supporting me in this way, and helping offset the cost of concocting new recipes!

People who love essential oils and getting crafty ARE MY PEOPLE. At Essentially Crafty, it doesn't matter what brand of oils you use, or what "team" you are on. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! I highly recommend not buying essential oils from Amazon or the grocery store because who knows what is in those bottles... but I digress.

MY MAIN PRIORITY is teaching people how to make beautiful DIY projects without toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors. Click here to read more about me, and why I am so passionate about essential oils and natural wellness.

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