I am so glad you decided to take the plunge and start using essential oils. Who you buy your essential oils from matters. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING ME to be your oily mentor, enabler, and crafting buddy. Once you purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit using my link, you will officially be an Essentially Crafty VIP!

You are going to learn so much about swapping out toxins in your household and personal care products, make new friends from all around the world, and of course get crafty with me!

If you aren't quite sure if you want to become an Essentially Crafty VIP yet (gasp!) and want to learn more about the benefits and perks, and starter kit, keep scrolling.

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Do I have to place an order every month?

NO. You can buy as often or as little as you want. I think everyone should enroll in the Essential Rewards monthly subscription box, but it's absolutely not required. (I'm busy and I like free stuff, so it's a good fit for me.) To maintain your wholesale discount, all you need to do is purchase $50 worth of products a year.

Do I have to sell anything?

NO. You never have to sell a thing. No children sacrificed, nothing weird. If you have a friends who wants some oils and you share your referral link you will earn $50. I think that's pretty awesome, but you don't have to. It's like sharing a referral link for any other products you like.

Aren't the 100% pure and organic oils at the grocery store basically the same thing?

The short answer is NO. Inexpensive essential oils you find at the grocery store or Amazon are probably synthetic or mostly filler. They are not regulated by the FDA. Now let's talk about Young Living. They hand-weed their fields. I've seen it. They test EVERY BATCH of oils for purity using 3 different outside labs (over 100 tests). Click here to learn more. 

I already use Young Living essential oils. Can I become an Essentially Crafty VIP?

NO. Everyone is welcome in our Facebook community and classes, but VIP status (and perks) are reserved for those who have purchased their Young Living PSK through me.


This starter kit gives you the biggest bang for your buck. It includes over $400 worth of products + a Young Living wholesale membership for only $165. Let me give you a quick run down of the essential oils included in this kit and how to use them. You will also receive a gorgeous diffuser, two pouches of Ningxia Red, Thieves Hand Sanitizer, and two AromaGlide tops to turn your bottles into rollers!

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Those are just the every day uses of the oils,

(Lip Balm, Chest Rub, Sugar Scrub, Whipped Body Butter, Shower Melts, and more!)


My friend, let me count the ways. There are so many amazing options!

Thieves Premium Starter Kit

Thieves, how I love thee. Let me count the ways...

Thieves essential oil is a staple in our home (Google it), as are all the Thieves plant-based cleaning products. This is the perfect kit to jump start your transition to a low-tox household.

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit includes:

• Thieves Essential Oil (15ml bottle)

• Thieves Aromabrite Toothpaste
(I use this as deodorant.)

• Thieves Fresh Essence Mouthwash
(Great for canker sores and cuts from braces.)

• 2 bottles of concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner
(Enough to over 50 bottles of household cleaner.)

• 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soaps

• 2 Thieves Sprays
(For sanitizing on the go.)

• 2 Thieves Hand Sanitizer
(It smells amazing without being overpowering, makes your hands feel so soft, and the alcohol in it is plant-based instead of petroleum based like most hand sanitisers on the market.)

• Wholesale Membership

• FREE shipping!

BONUS: If you say "Yes" to Essential Rewards when checking out you will also receive $10 in Young Living store credit (points) to use on a future purchase. Scroll down to learn more.

Retail Value:
Cost: $125.00

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Ningxia Red Premium Starter Kit

I'm obsessed with Ningxia. In fact, some months I order Ningxia and no essential oils! Our family drinks it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. For me, it removes the mom guilt about my kids not eating all their servings of vegetables. Also, my husband and I live a ketogenic lifestyle which means very little fruit. One serving of Ningxia gives us all the antioxidants we need.

One serving of Ningxia contains the antioxidant power of:
200 oranges, or
1628 blueberries, or
44 carrots, or
186 apples, or
20 lbs. of spinach, or
118 broccoli florets, or
146 strawberries

Nitro is like Five Hour Energy without all the nasty chemicals. I started drinking that about a year ago when coffee began keeping me up at night. Boo. Nitro gets you over the afternoon slump without keeping you up at night.

The Ningxia Premium Starter Kit Includes:
• Ningxia Red 2 pack
• 30 Ningxia Red singles
• Ningxia Nitro 
• Wholesale Membership
• Free Shipping

BONUS: If you say "Yes" to Essential Rewards when checking out you will also receive $10 in Young Living store credit (points) to use on a future purchase. Scroll down to learn more.

Retail Value:
Cost: $135.00

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CBD Premium Starter Kits

By now I'm sure you have heard about CBD. It is everywhere these days, even gas stations! Please do not buy CBD from a gas station or grocery store. Yikes. You get what you pay for, my friend. 

Did you know plants like hemp are nature's way of vacuuming toxins, like heavy metals and chemicals, out of the soil and groundwater? That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to know your source and purchase only high quality CBD.

Young Living has partnered with Nature's Ultra to bring you cleanly sourced CBD of the highest quality. Their website is filled with fantastic information, videos, an in-depth FAQ section.

Visit the Nature's Ultra website

There are two CBD Premium Starter Kits to choose from, regular and extra strength. Both contain the same items, but at different strengths.

I'm an extra strength girl myself, I just use less. The CBD drops get used every day at our house. Come to think of it, so does the Calm Roller. The muscle rub is phenomenal, but thankfully we don't need that too often. I have heard that it is fabulous for that time of the month!

The CBD Premium Starter Kits include:

• Calm CBD Roll-On

• Citrus CBD Oil
(I like every flavor.)

• CBD Muscle Rub

• Wholesale Membership

• Free Shipping

BONUS: If you say "Yes" to Essential Rewards when checking out you will also receive $10 in Young Living store credit (points) to use on a future purchase. Scroll down to learn more.

Regular Strength Kit
Retail Value: $211.85
Your Price: $165.00

Extra Strength Kit
Retail Value: $359.85
Your Price: $250.00

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Welcome Home Premium Starter Kit

Are you eady to dive into essential oils but the Big Daddy Premium Starter Kit is a bit overwhelming? We've got you covered. This kit contains all the yummy smelling oils you need to make your house smell fabulous, and to make some amazing rollers (like perfume but beneficial!). Frankincense is one of the very best essential oils for skin support. I use it in all my skin recipes.

Let's do a little math. Your average large 3-wick candle will burn for 40ish hours, and they cost $20-$25. That means you'd spend at least $400 to get 800+ hours of burn time.

The Welcome Home Starter Kit Includes:

• Frankincense (5ml)

• Lavender (5ml)

• Peppermint (5ml)

• Valor (5ml)

• Grapefruit (15ml)

• Lemon (15ml)

• Lime (15ml)

• Tangerine (15ml)

• Wooden Vitality Oil Rack
• Wholesale Membership

• Free Shipping

BONUS: If you say "Yes" to Essential Rewards when checking out you will also receive $10 in Young Living store credit (points) to use on a future purchase. Scroll down to learn more.

Retail Value: $197.00

Your Price: $125.00

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Little Oiler Premium Starter Kit

I am still jumping for joy about this kit. Sometimes I'm extra, like guac. It was just released in September 2020.

This kit was designed for littles but the adults in our family use the oils too. This collection contains some of our very favorite oils, and they all come pre-diluted for littles. I started using essential oils because I needed some tools in my mama toolbox, especially when my girls were young and couldn't take any medicine. I hated the "waited it out" approach. I wanted to DO something.

Now let's talk about the cutest diffuser on the planet. The Owl Diffuser doubles (triples?) as a sound machine and night light.

The Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit includes:

Feather the Owl Diffuser

Geneyus (5ml)
Concentration and focus 

Owie (5ml)
I added a little spray top to mine!

TummyGize (5ml)
This is like the adult DiGize but smells SO MUCH BETTER. I would buy the kit just for this because tummy issues = anxiety attacks for me.

Snifflease (5ml)
Don't you wish you could do something to help your little one when they are stuffy? Now you can!

SleepyIze (5ml)
My absolute favorite sleep oil for littles and adults, hands down.

 • Wholesale Membership

• Free Shipping!

BONUS: If you say "Yes" to Essential Rewards when checking out you will also receive $10 in Young Living store credit (points) to use on a future purchase. Scroll down to learn more.

Retail Value: $220.00
Cost: $135.00

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Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly subscription program. It is the key to building a wellness arsenal affordably. I was on a mission to overhaul our home and replace traditional products with clean and safe alternatives. We couldn't do it all at once, so getting on Essential Rewards made the most sense for our family. It has saved us thousands of dollars, and I have received tons of free products for our home, including many I may never have tried but fell in love with after they came as freebies. I highly recommend Essential Rewards, but it not required. You can simply be a member, enjoy your discount, and use your oils.


This is just a TINY GLIMPSE OF WHAT IS POSSIBLE with essential oils. It sounds overly dramatic, but they truly changed my life. I have been EMPOWERED to support the health and wellness of my family using products and ingredients that are not only safe, the are BENEFICIAL.

Please learn from my mistakes. Endocrine Disruptors are everywhere in our environment, and their toxins BIOACCUMULATE in your body. The average woman puts 200 chemicals on her body every day. It is believed that our skin absorbs 60-70% of any topical product we use. Let that sink in for a moment. (Get it?! HA!) I can teach you how to make beautiful, safe alternatives.

SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES in candles, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics can cause: headaches, migraines, asthma, brain fog, sinus problems, mess with your hormones (sleep, libido, energy levels, mood, and even cancer. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Let me show you how.

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