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EDITABLE "Tropical" Printable Collection (5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 1oz, 2oz)

Are you ready to jazz up your essential bottles? These EDITABLE tropical labels are perfect for summer! 

Our labels were created with versatility and in mind. They can be printed at home or by a professional printer. (I love Avery.) They can be customized quickly and easily, or printed as is. They can be used on a variety of different bottles. It's all up to you. Go crazy!

SAVE 25% - This complete set is offered at a discounted price and includes labels for every size bottle: 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 1oz, and 2oz. You can also purchase the individual labels by size a la carte, if you'd like.

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• 3 Individual labels for 10ml bottles
• 3 Individual labels for 5ml bottles 
• 1 full-page template with all three 10ml
bottle labels for printing at home (12/page)
• 1 full-page template with all three 5ml
bottle labels for printing at home (30/page)
• 3 Individual labels for 2oz bottles (2x2")
• 1 full-page template with all three
designs for printing at home (12/page)
• 3 Individual labels for bottle wraps
• 3 Individual 1.5" labels for 15ml/1oz bottles 
• 2 full-page templates with three bottle
wraps for printing at home (10/page)
• 1 full-page template with three 1.5"
labels for printing at home (24/page)

• 4 individual labels for 10ml bottles (JPG)
• 4 individual labels for 5ml bottles (JPG)
• Sheet of 12 printable stickers for 10ml bottles
• Sheet of 30 printable stickers for 5ml bottles
• 4 individual labels for 2oz bottles (JPG)
• Sheet of 12 printable stickers for 2oz bottles
• 4 individual wrap labels for 15ml/1oz bottles (JPG)
• 4 individual 1.5" labels for 15ml/1oz bottles (JPG)
• 2 sheets of 10 printable stickers for 15ml/1oz bottles
• 2 sheet of 24 printable stickers for 15ml/1oz bottles

NOTE: The editable portions of these labels are highlighted in yellow in the product image section.