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PLEASE NOTE: This printable is an Instant Download. It cannot be customized or modified. We offer a wide variety of editable printables, but this is not one of them. 

"Love in a Jar" Printable Labels in White

Raise your hand if you love Lucy Libido! This printable collection has everything you need to for essential oil-infused sexy time on Valentine’s Day or ANY DAY.

These printable labels are formatted/sized for easy printing on Avery labels or (my favorite) professionally printed by Avery. You will receive pre-formatted PDFs as well as individual files to accommodate whichever printing method you choose. 

These labels are also available in black!

Click here for a complete list of supplies I used for this project.

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LISTING INCLUDES:• Individual "Love Potion" 10ml label
• Individual "Love Potion #1-9" 10ml labels
• Individual "Love Potion: King of the Jungle" 10ml label
• Individual "Love Potion: Queen of Hearts" 10ml label
• Individual "Love Potion" 5ml label
• Individual "Love Potion: Va Va Voom" 5ml label
• Individual "Love Potion: Smooth Moves: 1oz pump label
• Individual "Perky Pellet" 1" circle label
• Individual "Love in a Jar" 2.5″ circle label
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion" 10ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "His and Hers" (6 of each) 10ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion #1-3" 10ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion #4-6" 10ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion #7-9" 10ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion" 5ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion: Va Va Voom" 5ml labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love Potion" 1oz pump labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Perky Pellet" 1" circle labels (PDF)
• Full-sheet of "Love in a Jar" 2.5" circle labels (PDF)

Please note: The name included on the "Soldier Serum" label in the picture has been changed to "Smooth Moves" to make it more versatile. Use whichever recipe you like best!